New and Lesser-Known Skincare Tips by Yammy CBD

New and Lesser-Known Skincare Tips by Yammy CBD

You would be forgiven for thinking that you already know all the skincare tips there are. In fact, most people reading this article will probably be concerned about skincare; and they will probably have been concerned about it for a long time. Thus, with so many different skincare products out there and so many different tips and tricks (of varying quality) offered by every skincare company and health blog known to man, it really can feel like we are totally saturated with information on this particular topic. Many of us are jaded, and just feel like we have tried it all.

However, with so many skincare products and tips out there, the law of probability would suggest that the right solution for you must be out there somewhere. After all, everybody’s skin is different and it’s hard to find two people with the same skincare regime. Accordingly, if you haven’t found the right skincare solution for your own skin, it makes sense to keep searching. But there needs to be a way of cutting through all the phony science and marketing spin.

Innovation and Skincare

The skin care scene might well be filled with let downs (and downright scams) but there really is a lot of well-funded research going on in this area. Consequently, many are trying to discover just this and, as time goes on, new products and approaches are being developed. The cutting edge of skincare never stays still for very long and this means that, whereas you might have never found what you’re looking for before, one of the newer solutions could be just what you need.

It could also be that the perfect skincare solution for you has existed for some time, yet it is just not one of the more obvious or better known among them. It could well be possible that you have simply missed the one for you – until now. 

Lesser-Known Skincare Solutions 

So, perhaps the best way to find what you need is to take a bit of advice and look into lesser-known skincare tips, methods, and products. Here follows then a few things you might not have heard of, but you can certainly try. This makes for a great place to start. 

Take Note of Your Gut Health

Probiotics, yoghurt, positive microcultures, fermented food, etc. You have probably heard all these terms if you are at all interested in gut health “super foods” that have the potential to do wonders for all sorts of issues. Nevertheless, you might be unaware that bad skin could well be one of those issues. The science is there, and several skin conditions, such as rosacea and lesions, are directly related to gut health. 

Try CBD 

Due to the stigma attached to recreational marijuana use, the many health benefits of CBD have often been forgotten or neglected. Yammy CBD, a company specializing in CBD-derived health products, say that the CBD lotion is finally bringing this incredibly versatile substance to skincare – and it works. 

There are Skincare Products That Shouldn’t Be Used Together

You might well have the right skincare product in your possession, but you could be combining it with another that has a net negative effect on your skin. For example, vitamin A-derived skincare products should never be used with those containing alpha hydroxy acids, as this could actually have a detrimental effect the skin over time.

Ultimately, skincare is an incredibly complicated part of human healthcare, and to find the right solution for you, you need to delve into it. But do so with a bit of good advice on your side.


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