Ways on How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents from Happening While Working on a Film Set

Ways on How to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents from Happening While Working on a Film Set

A movie’s blockbuster success wouldn’t be possible at all if it weren’t for the hard work of a film set’s crew. As with any other workplace, film sets are supposed to have safety measures in place so that any of their crew members don’t end up getting sent to a hospital which can delay or even halt the production of the entire movie itself. But like most workplaces, anyone working on a film set can experience a slip and fall accident which may result in injuries. If you’re currently working on a film set, here are some ways to prevent slip and fall accidents from happening there:

  1. Watch your step whenever you have to use the restroom of a honeywagon.

The term “honeywagon” might sound alien to most people which may lead them to think of it as a literal wagon carrying a vat of honey. However, a honeywagon is, in fact, a trailer truck with several rooms, some of which have portable toilets that only those working on a film set are allowed to use.

  • But as you may have to climb a small set of stairs first before using a honeywagon’s restroom, you may slip and fall which can cause your ankle to get sprained at the very least.
  • That said, whenever using the restroom of a honeywagon, you should watch your step as you climb the stairs leading up to it. You shouldn’t rush your way there even if you already feel the need to relieve yourself.
  1. Organize all loose cables lying around on set.

With so many cameras and other electrical equipment used in a typical film set, it’s often easy to forget about their cables and simply leave them strewn around until you get into a slip and fall accident after tripping on them.

  • Every time you see some stray cables on set, you should group all cords belonging to a piece of equipment together and bind them with gaffer tape or plastic cord ties.
  • If possible, you can also ask anyone in the crew to consider replacing some – if not all – of your wired cameras and equipment with wireless ones. Aside from being in line with the times when people are reaping the benefits of wireless technology, not having any wires lying around on set can also spare you from experiencing a slip and fall accident.
  1. Climb a ladder with your safety in mind.

You may have been asked to place an above-ground prop on set, so you climbed a ladder to make it easier for you to do your job.

  • Before climbing a ladder, you should quickly inspect it. You can ask for another ladder if the one that you were supposed to climb on top of is already damaged or has missing rungs.
  • You should also face the ladder itself when climbing it instead of looking anywhere else.

A very small average of only four people every year get killed while working in a film set according to a 2015 report by the Los Angeles Times. However, it doesn’t mean that one should simply work on a film set without making sure that any occupational hazard wouldn’t get in the way of making movies. Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common accidents that happen in almost every workplace including film sets. But applying the above-listed ways on how to prevent them from happening in a film set can ensure your safety while you’re working on one.


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