5 Weird ways to recover from a rigorous workout

5 Weird ways to recover from a rigorous workout

Summer is around the corner, with chilling temperatures not as prevalent as they used to be. Which means you’ll soon have the need to fit into your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini. If that’s the case, you’ve most likely been hitting the gym – with painful consequences. However, recovery time doesn’t have to last too long.

Here are a few unique ideas on how to recover from a rigorous workout:

  • Consume cherry tart juice

Why not substitute eating an apple with drinking a glass of healthy tart cherry juice. Studies have shown that consuming cherry tart juice improves the quality and duration of your sleep patterns, which is vitally important to increase recovery time. Besides, apart from the fact that it helps you sleep better, it’s a great source of nutrients for your heart and digestive system.

  • Listen to calming music

Listening to relaxing post-workout reduces your blood pressure after an intense workout – slowing your heart rate. This puts your body in recoverymode faster than not listening to music – giving you the opportunity to get back in the gym faster.

  • Take naps

As sleep is an important part in recovering, why not boost your recovery time by taking a quick power nap after your workout – giving you that extra little bit of rest before returning to work or continuing your day. Your body will thank you, and you’ll feel much more energetic after a tough workout.

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  • Soak in ice

Depending on where you are in the world, taking an ice bath to get rid of toxins may seem intense – so why not alternate between warm and hot water. Taking a warm shower followed by a burst of cold water will dilate and constrict your blood vessels and rid your body of unnecessary toxins.

  • Avoid alcohol consumption

Consuming alcohol when you’re training is a really horrible idea – not only due to the fact that you’ll feel intoxicated much faster with double the consequences, but your body will focus on recovering from the alcohol consumption first, instead of helping your body recover from working out. Rather skip the booze for as long as you can in order to feel better, sooner.

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