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5 Misconceptions About Pregnancy That Needs to Be Busted

5 Misconceptions About Pregnancy That Needs to Be Busted

There is not a single shadow of doubt in the fact that nowadays if there is one topic that is mostly dominated by rumors and folklore. This is mainly because of the fact that we till today consider pregnancy to be a taboo subject and is not open to public discussions. 

According to the best ob/GYN at the concept fertility center in Karachi, as a society, we are still reluctant to discuss pregnancy on open forums and this is the main issue that needs to be solved. 

Thus, today we have decided to set the fact sheet straight and thus in the same context, we will be busting some of the old myths that are now becoming the new normal. 

Myth No 1: Eat For Two 

This is something that we all have listened to at one point or another in our lives. The women of our social circle are so adamant on the fact that women when they are going through pregnancy need not eat for one but for two

But this is what can culminate into excessive weight gain during these 9 months which can then transpire into bigger issues such as postpartum depression. Overeating of this kind can also lead to child obesity and thus you have to be every bit cautious regarding your feeding habits. 

The science is that the child is able to get all his or her nutrition from her mother’s diet and thus only eat extra if your doctor is suggesting you to otherwise you do not have to!

 Myth no 2: No Exercise for Pregnant Women 

Exercise is one of the best things and habits to have. It is not only good for your physical health it is also pertinent for your mental state as well as for your baby’s health. In case you are a woman who is pretty much aligned with an exercise habit it is very much difficult for them to let it go. 

All that you have to do during this time is that you should avoid any extra or strenuous activities that might danger your child. On the other hand, you should try these other sorts of activities such as breathing, walking, and other motion-friendly exercises that are also low impact. Make sure to avoid jumping, bouncing, stretching, and sudden jerk motions. 

Myth no 3: Can’t Drink Caffeine 

This is something that was very much in the context of the past because of what people use to believe in at that time. But in the light of the recent studies, this context is pretty much changed. Caffeine which was once a no-no substance to be consumed during this time period can now be consumed by pregnant women. 

But you have to be careful with your caffeine intake otherwise too much consumption can lead to drastic results such as miscarriages. Also, be mindful of eating too many sweets because they also have caffeine sometimes. 

Myth no 4: It’s Normal It’s Just Morning Sickness

 Morning sickness is not a new concept when it comes to the hardships of pregnancy. Almost 70% of pregnant women are not immune to this nauseating feeling that can come during this time period. But the misconception here is that this sickness is not apparent during the morning but this is the half side of the story. 

This kind of sickness is mostly because of the sudden shift in the hormonal balance and the outcomes that come with them. All you have to do is that you need to be attentive to the way you are eating and what to eat. Every woman has a distinctive food taste some feel good by eating frequently and some by eating less. 

 Myth no 5: Creams can Prevent Stretch Marks

Yes, it is true that some medications can work wonders when it comes to treating stretch marks. But there is no such medicine, serum, or cream that actually prevents them from surfacing altogether. 

The best practice is to use a moisturizer as it will keep the stretch marks at bay and will protect your skin in this manner. Your skin will also stay elastic and soft. The best possible options in such cases are shea butter, cocoa butter, and what your doctor has prescribed for you. 


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